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Mass & emittance

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    Is mass reduced by emittance?
    If so if you heat an object would its mass reduce quicker?
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    No. It will either reduce slower or increase.
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    Thanks for the answer.
    I think I'm missing something:

    If you heat an object energy emission increases.
    Mass is reduced by emmitance.
    Heating an object increases its mass.

    Am I mis-understanding what mass is?

    If all matter/mass gives off radiation/electromagnetic waves and emmitance reduces mass does that mean that all mass in the universe is slowly turning into energy?
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    Ok, it depends are you referring to the mass before heating, or after. We are talking about thermal emissions. Object will cease to radiate energy when it reaches thermal equilibrium with its surroundings. So, if your question was "is energy content contributing to the mass content?", answer is yes. But if you omit radioactive processes, which require special conditions (temperature, pressure, or high atomic number for spontaneous decay), object can radiate only its 'energy content' (thermal energy, chemical bonds energy).
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