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Mass hierarchy problem

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    what is mass hierarchy problem.i have some idea of solving this ,i can do lot of mathematics but i want to understand fine tuning,and i want why supersymmetry is prefered to solve mass hierarchy problem
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    The mass hierarchy problem asks one simple question: Why are the masses of ordinary particles almost negligible compared to the Planck mass? I don't know the answer
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    Frank Wilczek had a series of 3 articles in "Physics Today" around 2001
    that dealt with that
    (only in a speculative way
    because it is an unsolved problem
    but as he is a majorleague theorist with very broad clear vision
    it can still be enlightening to read his opinions
    you can learn something although the answer is not known)

    I think you can find it by googling Wilczek and the title
    "Scaling Mount Planck"


    Shakeel, maybe you can tell me something about the mass h. problem.
    You may already have made some progress.
    Wilczek poses the question of why the planck mass is a big number (13 quintillion, 13 x 1018) times the proton mass

    or why the proton mass is so small in natural units---- 1/(13 quintillion) of the planck mass.

    and he tries to conjecture some explanation for this, but I think without
    presuming supersymmetry

    do you have some idea of how people now explain this?
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