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Mass inside a black hole

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    Does mass exist inside a black hole?

    What is the relative velocity between say me, and some mass inside of a black hole?

    To what degree of time dilation/length contraction does mass inside of a black hole experience?
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    Try reading wikipedia at BLACK HOLE


    The mass inside, although not accessible to observers outside the event horizon, is infinitely compacted at the singularity inside according the classical general relativity. But this is not mass as we know it in everyday experience. Atoms, protons and electrons, for example, have been crushed to some unknown fundamental constitutents. And time and space are also mashed beyond recognition, perhaps to their fundamental constitutents.

    There is not necessarily any motion between you and a black hole if you are a stationary outside observer; if you are falling in toward the black hole attracted by the gravity then of course there would be.
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    That is the final static condition. In the dynamical regime, a body crossing the black hole horizon will exist for some time "outside" the singularity.
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    According to the Wikipedia article on Black holes:
    "At the center of a black hole lies the singularity, where matter is crushed to infinite density, the pull of gravity is infinitely strong, and spacetime has infinite curvature.[37] This means that a black hole's mass becomes entirely compressed into a region with zero volume.[38] This zero-volume, infinitely dense region at the center of a black hole is called a gravitational singularity." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_...quantum jitters" is appropriately considered?
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    Is it after assuming change in position and that in velocity0?
    [m*delta(v)]delta(x)=>h/2 delta(v) and delta(x) are small enough that m->infinity
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