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Mass is the amount of matter in a material?

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    Mass is the amount of matter in a material, and by that we mean a number of atoms . So do two bodies have same amount of mass if they have same amount of atoms ? But don't atoms have different weight based on the type they are ?

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    u can have a certain atom weighing 1 in an object A and u have 6 of them
    1*6 = 6
    u can also have another object B composed of 3 atoms each weighing 2
    3*2 = 6
    they have 2 ojects with same mass but are composed with different a number and type of atoms
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    Doc Al

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    "The quantity of matter" in an object is very loose definition of mass. As you realize, mass is not simply the number of molecules in an object, since different molecules have different masses. Better to think of mass as an inherent property of matter that is a measure of its inertia: its ability to resist changes to its motion.
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