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Mass loss

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    Is ther a mass loss at the time of death?

    Can brain states be frozen?

    [9] arXiv:0704.1054 [ps, pdf, other] :
    Title: Geometry of Time, Axiom of Choice and Neuro-Biological Quantum Zeno Effect
    Authors: Moninder Singh Modgil
    Comments: 13 pages

    Role of axiom of choice in quantum measurement is highlighted by suggesting that the conscious observer chooses the outcome from a mixed state. Further, in a periodically repeating universe, these outcomes must be pre-recorded within the non-physical conscious observers, which precludes free will. Free will however exists in a universe with open time, It is suggested that psychology's binding problem is connected with Cantor's original definition of set. Influence of consciousness on material outcome through quantum processes is discussed and interesting constraints derived. For example, it is predicted that quantum mechanical brain states should get frozen if monitored at sufficiently small space-time intervals - a neuro-biological version of the so called quantum zeno effect, which has been verified in domain of micro-physics. Existence of a very small micro-mini-black-hole in brain is predicted as a space-time structural interface between consciousness and brain, whose vaporization explains mass-loss reported in weighing experiments, conducting during the moments of death.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Interesting, however, since this paper has not been published in a mainstream journal, I'm locking this one. If it gets published we could move it to Mind and Brain Sciences.
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