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Homework Help: Mass Moion Machine Assignment

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    Hey plz help me out here ...i m in grade 11 and i got this assignmnt ..where i have to design a car that will move forward from a suspended mass...i hav no idea wot to do ... itz due this frdayplzz i really need help...none of my grou members are helping me out .
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    1) Caps don't help. Don't yell, be clear.

    2) What is the mass, what is the radius, from what is it suspended? Is the suspension point outside the mechanism (theoretical problem) or inside the mechanism (need more data)

    Friday is a long way away. Be clear about the problem, give it to us exactly, and we will try our best to steer you where to go to find the information you need to answer the probelm.
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    I can use any mass that is suitable for my car and the suspension point is outside the mechanism. I did made a car and its done but its not moving :( i used 500 grams mass.
    My car design is like..i have the base of the car with four wheels and there is a small pulley atached at the bottom of the car with the steel rod that joins two back wheels together. On top of the base of the car there is a pole,, thats where the mass is suspended from. Then i attach the string to the pulley that is at the bottom of the car and that string is then tied with mass. SO as i release the mass, the pulley should spin and it should make the back wheels move..but the wheels are not moving
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