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Mass of gold homework

  1. Sep 7, 2004 #1
    I need help with this question.

    Each cubic centimeter of gold has a mass of 19.3 g. A cube of gold measures 4.29 cm on each edge.

    What is its mass?
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    Well, you know that every cubic centimetre of gold has a mass of 19.3 g. In other words, you've been given its density (19.3 g/cm3). What more do you need? If you know the total volume of the gold that you have, then you know the total mass of that volume of gold. Now, how does one go about calculating the volume of a cube given the length of its edges?
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    I know the volume is 79.0 cm3, I figured that meant the answer was 1524.7g, but Im working with webassign and it wont accept that.
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    4.29^3 is not 79.0. Maintain at least 4 decimal places during intermediat calculations. As a matter of fact, 79.0 has the incorrect number of sig-figs to begin with.
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