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Mass spectrometer

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    Here are two chem questions that I can't figure them out...please give me some hints on solving them
    1.) Ionic compounds( not simple molecular) can also be analyzed by mass spectrometer. Syggest how the sample can be vaporized.

    It can't be heating I think.

    2.) Elements X and Y form a molecular compound [tex]XY_{3}[/tex]. [tex]XY_{3}[/tex] shows the following m/e values: 88(molecular ion), 69,50,31,19. Calculate the relative atomic masses of X and Y respectively
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    1) I am not sure, but ionic compounds are given to the spectrometer with a trace of volatile gas like ammonia as the ammonia matrix; which can also be expressed as "ammoniacal solution", and processed easily.

    2) It may be postulated that X+3Y=88; X+2Y=69 and Y=19, X=31. It can be solved by a simple algebra move, if I'm not mistaken.

    Regards, chem_tr
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