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Mass spectrometers

  1. Mar 27, 2010 #1
    Can anyone help me understand mass spectrometers?

    Their separation and analyzing techniques? This isnt a homework question, I just am curious and want to know.

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    In mass spectrometer, isotopes are isolated and their atomic masses are determined.
    This is done in a mass spectrometer, in which first the atoms are ionized, vaporized then accelerated (because of their positive charges by electrodes) and finally are deflected in a perpendicular magnetic field. Different isotopes are deflected in different angles (thus forming semicircles with different radii) and are detected by a detector in the from of a current.
    (This depends on the mass of the ions)
    Greater the number of isotopes striking the detector at a particular position gives the relative abundance of that particular isotope of an element whose atoms are being analyzed.
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