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Mass Spring Damper system

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    I am taking a course in dynamics and have a question about a spring-mass-damper system (see the attached file) that I want to solve using Lagrange equation (see attached file).

    I am having trouble writing the equation of motion for this problem. At first I tried doing it the way I would for a system with two masses, connected by springs and dampers. This gave me a system of equations which I then used the State Space Approach on. I set the first mass=0, only to realize that I would not be able to get the homogenous solution this way.

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you very much!

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    If this is homework, it would be best to put it in that section where you receive a more thorough response, with some description of where you are actually having a problem. ie finding the kinetic energy, potential energy, the "x" to be used for K1, K2, and C1. Waht have you tried and where are you stuck.

    Anyways here is a site that might help you out a bit more, from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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    Okay, I will repost this under the homework section! Thank you!
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