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Homework Help: Mass spring system. Am I on the right track?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A mass at the end of a spring with natural frequency [itex]\omega[/itex] is released from rest at position [itex]x_0[/itex]. The experiment is repeated byut now with the system immersed in a fluid that causes the motion to be overdamped with damping coefficient [itex]\gamma[/itex]. Find the ratio of the maximum speed in the former case to that in the latter. What is the ratio in the limit of strong damping? [itex]\gamma >>\omega[/itex] In the limit of critical damping?

    2. The attempt at a solution
    Right now I am in need with the first part as after I get this I think I should be fine with the other two parts. I just need to know if I am on the right track with my thought process.

    So first I solve the undamped case (Which is frictionless).

    This leads to the solution..
    [tex]x(t)=x_0 cos(\omega t)[/tex]
    Taking the derivative and setting sine equal to 1, this has a max velocity of..
    [tex]v_{max}=x_0 \omega[/tex]

    This next part is the part I am unsure about. In the damped case, I solve the following differential equation..
    And obtain a solution of..
    [tex]x(t)=x_0 e^{-\gamma t}cos(\omega_0 t)+\frac{\gamma x_0}{\omega_0}e^{-\gamma t}sin(\omega_0 t)[/tex]

    So my guess as to what I do next is to find the maximum of this velocity by differentiating x(t) twice and setting it equal to zero and getting a value of t. Then plug that value in and get a value of v. Doing all this I get a velocity of..
    [tex]\frac{\gamma x_0 (\omega_0-\gamma)}{\sqrt{2\gamma^2 +\omega^2}}[/tex]

    So the ratio would just be this value over the value I got in the frictionless case would it not? Something is telling me this isn't correct.

    I apologize for not showing all my work, as it was a lot of work and would take forever for me to type up the code. If need by ill type it up in my Math Type program and post the image.
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