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Mass squared (kg^2)

  1. Aug 24, 2013 #1
    What does it mean when an object is said to weigh 8.7 kg2?

    does it mean 8.7 kg? (if so, why would someone write it like 8.7 kg2?)
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    Where do you see such a statement that an object "weigh 8.7 kg^2"? That is the wrong units for mass/weight.

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    Doc Al

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    Those units make no sense. Where have you seen it?

    Standard units, of course, would be kg for mass and Newtons for weight.
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    Its the norwegian Apple site.


    look under "spesifikasjoner" (specifications) and "Størrelse og vekt" (size and weight)

    I see now that the english site writes it different. Its must be a typing-error.
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    The superscript 2 refers to a footnote on the web page!
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    ehhmm... yeah...
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    Don't feel bad about it... we've all had our "double facepalm" moments! :tongue:
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