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Mass vs Gravity

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    Can the mass of a black hole become so large and the gravity so intense that not even gravity can escape?

    How is that Gama rays are able to escape a black hole while most other frequencies can't? Does this mean that Gama rays are traveling faster than regular light?
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    I think this post belongs in the general & special relativity board, not the atomic/solid state physics board.
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    i) No

    ii) Who have told you that gamma rays comes from the inside of BH's? That is certainty false and gamma rays are just the a name for ordinary photons/light but within a certain energy region - just as X-rays etc
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    To elaborate, the gamma rays don't actually come from inside the black holes. They come from the "accretion disk", a region of swirling gas, outside of the black hole. This disk is very, very, hot - hot enough to produce a significant amount of gamma rays. (X-rays are really what it is at the ideal temperature to produce.) So no, they don't travel faster than other kinds of light, because they don't need to.
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    This is correct for any size black hole...nothing gets out...It's the ultimate "roach motel"

    gravity reflects the mass forming the black hole at the time the horizon forms. Leonard Susskinds complementarity principle explains how subsequent energy and matter information is smeared across the horizon.
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