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B Mass vs Impulse

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    1. During a collision, what is the relationship between mass and impulse on the object?
    2. How would I prove this in a lab
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    v0 is the velocity after the collision.
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    Impulse = change in momentum = final momentum (after collision) - initial momentum (before collision).
    I = m*vf - m*vi
    Impulse is defined as:
    Impulse I = ∫F*dt, where F is the net force on the object and the integral is over the time of the collision.

    As far as the lab is concerned, I do not know what your bufget is, but here is a reference:
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    Put a scale on the ground, step on it and read what is says.
    Put a pillow under the scale, be careful, step on it and read what it says. (you can use a cell phone to record the scale's readings if you want to be more precise.)
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    Have you looked at the Maths or do you just want a qualitative view of this?
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