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Homework Help: Masses and Pulleys on a table

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    1. Find the horizontal displacement of a 24kg mass on a tabletop as a 5.4kg mass drops 8.4cms. they are connected by a string, run through a pulley. The string and pulley are mass less and frictionless. Then find the acceleration of the 24kg mass. Then find the tension of the string between the two masses.

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    I have no idea what to do. ive been working for over an hour and cannot seem to figure this out...
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    jscherf92, welcome to PF! What other relevant equations apply when you are trying to find forces and accelerations? Start by drawing a sketch. If the small mass drops 8.4 cm, then the large mass on the table must move horizontally by an equal amount, since they are connected and move together and accelerate together. To solve for the acceleration and tension force, look at each block separately in a free body diagram, examine the forces acting, and solve the 2 equations simultaneously using Newton's laws. Please show your attempt.
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