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Homework Help: Massless particle revolving in a circle

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    Given: A massless particle revolving in a circle with a rotational velocity = (2+sin(a))
    To Find: Y-axis acceleration
    Method #1 (from rotational acceleration)
    Y-axis acceleration = (2+sin(a))(cos(a))^2
    Method #2 (from Y-axis velocity)
    Y-axis acceleration = (2+sin(a))(cos(a))^2-(sin(a))(2+sin(a))

    Which Y-axis acceleration is correct and why?

    Can someone explain this?
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    What does this mean? Is a an angle? If so what angle?
    And what do you mean by "y-axis" acceleration? Are we to assume that the circle is in the xy-plane and you are looking for the y-component of acceleration?
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    You tell me. I have no clue what they are asking. :cry:
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    Post the problem EXACTLY as it appears in your text/homework. Attach any pictures that come with the problem (or describe them).
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