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Master in physics

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    i am 33 years old male , i finished my undergraduate works in physics at the university of jordan in 1997 . i want ( the next semester ) to make the graduate study in physics that is after 13 years of the bachelor degree , i want someone to help me to make a timetable to make revision withen 4 months this because i feel that i forget too many things and i want to make excellent marks in the graduate studies . thank u in advanced

    mahmoud daoud
    amman - jordan
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    please i want some one to replay to me
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    First of all: How much do you know, how much did you forget?
    Second: Can you do all the problems in the GRE test? Where are your weaknesses?
    Do you need to brush up some maths? Can you solve DE's for example?
    We can't help much if we don't have an idea about your current level.
    You'd have to work out your weaknesses.
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    when i decided to make the graduate studies i put the books that i took during the undergraduate studies , and i thought that i must start with the quantum mechanics because i was weak in it during the undergraduate .

    i started from the beginning and i found that i forget some of the mathematical methods in the physical problems related to schrodinger equation and operators so i take fast revision using the book " mathematical methods in the physical sciences by mary boas " and when i reached the ordinary differential equations i opend the book " elementary differential equations with boundary value problem by diprima " untill now i am studing it

    about the GRE physics i can solve nearly 70% of its problems but i have weakness in solid state physics and particle physics

    i feel that i must focus on ( ODE'S & PDE'S & FOURIER SERIES ) is that good to enter the graduate works standing on good ground or not ?
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    i wish that some one discuss me . thank you
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