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Master in Physics

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    Hi, I am 29 yrs old guy from India just joined this forum. I have completed BSc in computer science last year, I did not have physics in my course though Maths was there. I want to do master in Physics or any engineering field from UK, is it possible? if yes then please suggest me how to proceed.
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    You have a Bsc in Computer Science and had no physics at all? :s

    Maybe you'll be able to get a master in physics but you'll probably need to do a year of only physics courses. If you want more details ask the programdirector of the master in physics at your university.
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    What is the minimum duration of Pre-master physics
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    You'll have to ask someone of the physics department at your university. In your case my guess would be a year-year and half.
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    As eXorikos said, look at the prerequisites of the master program you are interested in and talk to the program coordinator. There is no simple catch-all answer.
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