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Masterbation can hurt men's body ?

  1. Dec 13, 2004 #1
    I came across a report that masterbation is actually good, it can reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer , because it takes out the toxin in your sperm.

    However, other reports say that each time you masturbate, your life is cut short.

    So, should or shouldn't I masturbate ? Is masturbation good or bad?
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    This is definitely true!

    It also acts exponentially so that more is taken off your life with each successive masturbation.

    It's a real killer! Definitely a no no!

    I think you should at least wait until you're old enough to spell it correctly before you start playig around with anything that lethal. :biggrin:
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    I had a cousin who masturbated to death. Apparently, he lost God's grace after having masturbated so much. Scientists speculate that he used up all his energy in the act of masturbation, and had no energy for things like his heart and brain to work, but me and my family all know it was the divine hand of our Lord smiting him for his sinful ways.
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    lol......nice replies....

    I don't think masturbation is potentially damaging cos' its like the same as having sex?
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    I am of the persuasion that masturbation is immoral and evil. I am very happy to know that groups such as the Society for Prevention of Onanism is working towards ways of cutting down, drastically reducing and preventing such immoral acts that is corrupting our youth.
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    Does anyone have any links to research on this instead of posting your own personal beliefs on the issue.
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    Oh I'm sorry, is this meant to be an objective, rational thread? In that case, you'll hate this:


    Disclaimer: the link above is provided for convenience purposes only. The views expressed therein are those of the site's author and do not reflect those of my own. You must be over 18 to access that link.
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    spooky news
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    This is surprisingly contrary from what I believed and what I had read from trusted sources. Masturbation has a role in releasing testosterone and produces more muscle. Also it releases substances that make you feel 'higher' and better. But most important it releases sexual tension that prevents you from doing more serious business.
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    Well, i have reading many articles "Different language from english" that masturbation is no healthy: First is affects the back shape, encourage to make you lose concetration and memory abilities. And it takes lots of energy from the body in some artciels i read [Yeah, a trust worthy scientific resource, it was published for public audience] 1 masturbation= running several kilometers without stopping and warming up, and with high speed. It takes so energy.

    From another hand, I never did that, and my strongest reason is i do not see HONESTLY why lots of guys doing it! I am totally seroius, and i am curoius why they are doing it. I see it as un-proper to do, even in other times i may "agree" with the reasons some people give me to justify it, still, i am wondering if the reasons are really true. Still, the unhealthy issue about it make me think again about to "agree" with it or not :biggrin:
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