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Mastering in Aerospace after physics or mech.?

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    Hi, I am an Freshman doing basic math, science classes. I have plans to master in Aerospace. My college offers only masters in Aero.

    Which way is better. Should I major in Physics or Mechanical and then go for Aero major?
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    You'd probably do fine in either.

    I'd probably lean towards the ME, though. Engineering students are taught differently than physics students. Not better... just differently.

    Anyways, talk with the aerospace department at the school, and see which major generally does better when transferring in.
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    Enigma pretty much sumed it up. All engineering students, regardless of their specialty, are taught differently from basic science majors. Neither is better than the other.

    Also, like Enimga said, contact the head of your aerospace department and ask them which major would be best. People within the aerospace department at your school will be the most help to you.

    As for my opinion, I believe you'd be better off getting your BS in Mechanical Engineering.
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    Thanks guys for replying. I was thinking of Bachelors in Physics as I was not quite sure of Masters in Aero. I will contact the Aero Dept. for more info.

    Thanks. :)
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