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Homework Help: Mastering physics problem regarding speed and tension

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    Two wires are tied to the 2.0 kg sphere shown in the figure View Figure . The sphere revolves in a horizontal circle at constant speed.

    For what speed is the tension the same in both wires?

    What is the tension?

    I reallllly need some hints to figure the first part, and the second part...thank you

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    Andrew Mason

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    Find the vertical force on the sphere in terms of the vertical components of the tension (1).

    Then write the equation (2) for the horizontal force on the sphere (in terms of [itex]\omega[/itex] and r

    Then find the lengths of the wires in order to find r.

    Substitute r into (2) (both tensions = T) and use T from (1) to find [itex]\omega[/itex]

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    yeah, got the answer, thanks
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