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Mastering Pysics help!

  1. Sep 19, 2008 #1
    Hi, Im stuck on this problem and its probably easier than I think, can anyone help?

    At an air show, a jet plane has velocity components Vx= 625 and Vy= 415 at time 3.85 and Vx= 838 and Vy= 365 at time 6.52 .
    For this time interval, find the x component of the plane's average acceleration?????

    What formula would I use?? Thank so much been on this question of 1hr now.. :)
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    The x component of the acceleration is the amount by which the x component of the velocity has changed in this interval.
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    One is given two values for Vx at two times.

    What is the relationship between average acceleration and change in speed over the change in time.

    This might help.

    Please show the work.
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