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Masters degree @24

  1. Mar 29, 2012 #1
    Is it normal to start masters degree at age of 24 or should i've joined early. . . .i finished my bachelors degree 3years back. . . .and i don't have work experience in my core field which is electronics engineering.
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    degree in engineering is enough for getting into jobs with high pay.less people will consider in taking Mc i think.It really depends on working experience and proficiency
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    There is nothing weird or wrong with doing a masters at 24. I completed my masters last year and only about a fith of the class were fresh out of their bachelors. Most had been working for a few years, most people were closer to 30 than they were to 20.

    I was in a different field from you but I don't think I'm unique in my experience.
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    thanks alot for sharing your views. . . .I will be joining one of the IIT for my masters degree this year
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