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Masters Degree for Aerospace job ?

  1. Oct 8, 2012 #1
    I graduated with my bachelors in aerospace December 2011 and have had absolutely zero success in finding an aero job. A little of my personal stats: overall GPA is 3.2 and senior term (hardest) was 3.66 which I specifically include on my resume which may or may not be the right idea (hey look at what I did!). I have no internship experience coming out of school but have even tried applying for some. The problem is, companies like Boeing require you to be enrolled in school while applying for internships so I can only apply to whatever I find available.

    I do not really know how competitive the field is when it comes to finding a job, but I'm assuming I don't land jobs because there are more qualified people. So, to anyone that has experience or knowledge in the aerospace job market: would getting a masters close to assure me a job in aerospace. I specifically wanted a propulsion job but I kind of gave up applying to only what I "wanted". I know there are always non-specific career opportunities but applying for lets say an actuary job just for money doesn't seem too enticing at this point.

    *Please note your experience or knowledge-source (whether it be: I'm a 5 year mechanical engineer veteran...) for credibility.

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