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Masters degree in Econometrics: what next?

  1. May 3, 2012 #1

    Currently I'm finishing a masters' degree in Econometrics in Holland, I posses a physics bachelors, and did a ton of mathematics courses on the side during, my studies.

    Here it is common to do both a bachelors and a masters, and after that either start work or do a PhD. I feel like I am on a crossroads in my life. For econometricians there is a lot of well paying jobs here in the Netherlands (usually really work intensive though =P). However what really attracts me is experiencing foreign cultures: I want to go abroad, preferably China, or Brazil for some reason.

    I guess I'm posting here because any and all advice is welcome.

    Does anyone know of any nice jobs or PhD positions in Brazil or China, or some other non-western culture? Or even better, do you know of an efficient way of looking for some? Some useful links could be super.
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