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Programs Masters degree in the UK

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Hi, I'm an undergraduate student studying Physics in Europe. I'm thinking of applying for a Master in a UK university. I was considering Cambridge and Imperial at the moment. I've read that Cambridge offers two courses: a MAst (predominantly taught) and a MPhil (predominantly research); on the other hand Imperial offers a MSc in Physics (with the possibility of one year of extended research). I'm planning to pursue a PhD, not necessarily in the UK.

Here in Europe a MSc usually lasts two years and has both a big part of teaching and a thesis at the end, therefore I have a few doubts about Cambridge courses, which seem to me a bit unbalanced (towards teaching or towards resarch) compared to the Imperial ones, but of course there must be some valid reason I can't see for this. Could you clarify my ideas?

What are your opinions on these courses and how do they compare? Is the research done during a MAst enough for a PhD outside Cambridge? And what about the taught parts during a MPhil?

P.S. Don't misunderstand me, of course at Cambridge they know better than me what's better for students, I would just like to understand how the Master system works in the UK :)
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