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Master's degree

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    I'm about to start my 3rd year in physics at Oxford, and I want to do a theory Phd eventually. Unfortunately though, I don't think that the fourth year at Oxford is very good for aspiring theoreticians (there are no courses in string theory, QFT etc. the particle physics option is experimentally based, and the theoretical option is very strange, doing things like classical field theory and statistical mechanics). I'm currently considering going somewhere better to do my 4th year. The immediate possibilities are and MSc at Durham or Imperial, part 3 of the maths tripos at Cambridge, or going abroad to America. Does anyone know what the best path for me to take is?
    Also, if I was to study for a year abroad and get all of the normal grants available, approximately how much would it cost for the year?
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    Why don't you look at who you'd like to work with (or what field) and do a masters course at their uni - then there's a good chance of a PhD to follow.
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    I don't know what the rules are for stdy abroad programs, but in the US its extremely rare for a school to allow students going into their senior year to transfer to their school. but the study abroad programs may be different.

    also I believe that the cost of living is cheaper in america than it is in britain
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    I am not physicist. But if I were you, I would finish my degree there. First year of master degree in US is very much like the 4th year of undergraduate. It is not easy to transfer during the 4th year of undergraduate.
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    Agreed. Finish the degree and then go for your Master's degree.
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    By 4th Year he Meant Master degree.

    Since this is your final year at Oxford, you should look at other universities prospectus and see what are your options like for the Master's ( 4th year ), Try looking at Cardiff, Durham, UCL and Cambridge.

    Have you considered Amsterdam? yes they offer MSc in English medium.
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