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Engineering Masters in Civil Engineering

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    I'm a 3rd year civil engineering major/computer sciences and communication minor. With the economy at the state it is now, is it worth pursuing a masters or should I try to look for a job after college?
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    I am not really sure (since I'm also a 3rd year engineering student), and I'm curious about this as well. I did take a look into some interesting statistics though.

    Predictions from Moody's Economy.com seems to imply that unemployment will not return to its pre-recession level until around 2014:


    It could be off though, and it doesn't elaborate on specific sectors of the job market at all.
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    A Master in Civil Engineering is useful, especially if you want to change area. I'll say go for it. It should be 1 to 1 year and half to finish.
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    Does any one know they changed the prerequistites for taking the P.E.? I've heard rumors of them requiring a masters degree (or 30 graduate credit hours) in order to qualify to take it, but I've never heard a definitive answer. If that were the case it may influence your decision to go for a masters.
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    I heard that in california after 2011 you'll need a masters to work for the states. I haven't heard any new changes to the P.E., also I'm planning to take the EIT exam this coming spring so I'll see how that goes then decide...
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