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Masters in Germany

  1. Jan 20, 2014 #1

    I am from india and completed my degree with distinction approved by AICTE.
    I am looking for admission in masters in mechanical engineering in germany. What i only know is one should know german language.

    Well what is the procedure to apply in any german institute and what are the documents needed to apply?

    Well, there are many questions needed to answer coz i am unaware of this whole structure.
    Contacted one of the consultancy but had to dump due to high fairs they are asking.

    Waiting for a fruitful guidance.

    Which college should i apply(as i have heard of some colleges that don't have tuition fee) and what should be the procedure?

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    Did you check the websites? There should be an explanation (often in German and English). Requirements and application procedures can vary between states and even within those states.

    Depending on the university, I think fees are ~200 - 800 per 6 months. That difference is smaller than the difference in rents between different towns.
  4. Jan 21, 2014 #3
    thanks for your reply. i am searching for a link where instructions are given to guide in this section.
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