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Masters in Mathematics

  1. Jan 7, 2006 #1
    Hey... I need some guidence.

    Currently, I am in Second Year doing an Honors Math and Stats Bacholoars Degree (core programme) and its a 4 year length programme.

    I plan on doing Actuarial Science, and will write a few exams over the next 2 years. (I hope to pass atleast 2 exams)

    I am becoming more and more frustrated with school (you know, the pressure and difficulties etc...) and i don't want to be a student for so long.

    I feel like i am obligated to do a Masters. It seems that EVERYBODY has a bacholars degree these days, and perhaps a Masters will look very good on a resume - so its a must!!

    My question is, COULD YOU DO A MASTERS DEGREE (in math) IN 1 YEAR? I did a basic search, I only saw that University of Toronto offers a 1 year programme in Math, however, that is very competitive to get into.

    When im done my Bacholers, ill be 22. I think thats kind of old? am i wrong?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
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    Acutally, what about finish your B.Math a year earlier? It is just a thought.
    I have the same situation as you. I am a second year college student and majoring Maths. My plan is to finish my easier course as fast as possible and spend as much time as i can to do my master courses.
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    but if you do it in 3 years, you don't get an "honurs math" ... okay.. thats another thing.

    Does it make much of a difference if you get "honours" or not?

    I guess if you dont do an honours, and then do a masters, what does it mater if you get an honours or not? right?
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    You are wrong. That is not old. I am 22 and I am in my first year of school. Your life doesn't really begin until you are 40. At least that is when I plan on my life being in its prime.
  6. Jan 7, 2006 #5
    well.. thats true.. i didn't mean it like that.. im just in a rush to get out of school... too much stress...

    so i just want to know if its unheard off or uncommon if their is a one-year masters programme for math. and if so, is their more advantages to do a two year masters or a one year masters.
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    I do not have an answer for you question, but that sounds very hard. Getting a masters degree in one year will probably be extremely stressful.
  8. Jan 7, 2006 #7
    its only old i fyou think its old...I do.
    you should be able to get your masters in 1.5 yr at any university in canada. OR at least you should be able to scheme your way. Ibelieve at mac you only need a year it depends on what you do and what you plan on acheiving...most canada universities that i looked at offer a thesis and masters course option. Take summer school if you wanna finish earlier...the only requirements for teh honours degree are the credits not the time to which you take them.

    My suggestion is LEARN TO CODE.
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    its a shame that mac dosn't offer math courses above second year in the summer.
  10. Jan 8, 2006 #9
    I take it your at mac =] they shut down my programme ARGH!!!!

    ... you dn't have to take courses from the exact school your at...~transfer credits...MORE HASSLE while registrating but they may benefit you. Talk to your faculty adminstration and find out what courses are transferable...if your really are at mac...or you live near the GTA...then you can take the GO to york/mac/uft. Lotta cash but if your really in a rush to graduate, you can take courses from the other 2 universities and then get them transferred. There is however I believe a MAX LIMIT to the # transferrable but again talk to your faculty. The round trip from Mac to Square 1 is about 16 and from square1 to york is about 8...so 24 to get to york. Or you can take the go to union adn sub it...still probably ~20. But again if you think its ideal for you to graduate in 3 years you can try...again the registration and transferring credits is a hassle. Also you need ~10 half courses in your 4th year and you can take about 2-4 per summer so thats really a burden. But if you can do it go for it. Might i suggest doing 3.5 and doing a couple of projects in the extra .5. I've heard thesis/projects/published papers help you get into grad school...so you might look at doing that.
  11. Jan 8, 2006 #10
    You think that 22 is old? What do you call 77?
  12. Jan 8, 2006 #11
    neurocomp2003: yeah i am at mac for math and stats and i live in hamilton. I thought going to Redeemer univeristy collage is the best bet for me. (thats if mac allows credtis from Redeemer which i highly doubt.) Otherwise Ill just take some electives at mac over the summer and the math courses during the year or something.

    But boy... i just want to get out of hamilton. I hope i get into UofT for grad school.
  13. Jan 8, 2006 #12
    yeah i hated hamilton...damn sewers...i did like the profs at mac, never got taught by simon haykin(1 of premier researchs in NeuralNets which pissed me off). If you really can spend 24 bucks a day, 2-4 days a week look up going from MAC to YORK by GO and find out if they have the courses you would like to take. If you can get 2 courses a day at york that might be worth it. [2]Or you can look to commute to waterloo, cuz they go 3 terms. [3]All else see if you can round up a bunch of people from the math programme to take summer school for a courses and see if you can persuade teh dept to teach a 3rd year courses...usually with enough
    students they may be willing to teach a course. I think math 2ab3 or 2r03 happened just that way.

    http://www.gotransit.com/publicroot/fares/fndfare.asp#frcity [Broken]
    $18 bucks, daypass
    $71, 10 pass(5 days)
    ...201 monthly for student...not too bad...

    one other option...move outta hamilton, to a place near the GO station/GO bus...and just commute.
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    yeah those are all good options, ill have to look into them.
    its kind of costly 24bucks for a round trip, twice a week.. thats expensive. but when the time comes, ill have to look into it.
    thanks so much
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