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Masters in Nanotechnology (in Europe)

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    hi guys,

    I just finished my undergrades in electrical engineering and I am planning to continue to the masters level. Though it wasn't a field of study, i got hooked to physics and i am planning to do my masters in nanotechnology where theoratical physics (specifically quantom mechanics) merges with practical EE.

    I would appreciate it if one of you could suggest a list of good schools in Europe that would offer this type of program in English or French ( although my french isn't that great), but I would prefer it to be in the language of science (i.e. English).

    By the way, when i talk of europe I only mean continental europe (i.e. Britian is excluded).
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    you need to be in Belgium...
    Check out this site from the university of Leuven, one of the oldest in Europe...

    http://www.imec.be/ovinter/static_general/start_en_flash.shtml [Broken]

    IMEC is an international research group, specialized in nanotechnology...

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    Why would you want to miss out on Oxbridge? Especially Cambridge which I think has a nanotechnology department...
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    Copenhagen university just got a big grant from the govenrment for their nanotechnology science scenter http://www.nano.ku.dk/education/start.htm [Broken] must admit i don't know much about them except they are around the same buildings as me lol, but it may be of interest to you to check it out. Not sure if they teach in english or not o_O
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    well u could go to my school Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands... they have a masters in Nanoscience
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    If you change your mind about Europe....

    take a look at the ME Program in Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)

    http://www.microe.rit.edu/me.php [Broken]

    Also check:

    http://smfl.microe.rit.edu/fac_overview.php [Broken]
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