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Master's in Physics

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    I'm currently in a physics graduate program and intend to pursue a Master's degree since I no longer want a phd. Honestly, I just want to finish the degree asap so I can work in industry, I guess in programming or data analysis. So I hope to work on a thesis that can be done in a year, as opposed to having to spend 2-3 years just on the thesis. I'm interested in CM, astronomy, and maybe plasma and am almost finished with my coursework requirements

    However, I have not taken any astronomy/plasma/particle/AMO classes, even at the undergrad level. Is this a big problem and would professors who do research in these areas be unwilling to include me in their research group because of this? If I did a research in one of these areas, is it reasonable to expect that I won't have to spend 2-3 years to finish the thesis? Or is it dependent on the advisor, not research area?
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    I think it will be difficult to complete a thesis in a year on a topic that you haven't studied.
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