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Programs Masters program changing names

  1. Sep 30, 2016 #1
    It's my first semester in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration masters program at RIT. I've just learned that the program name is changing to Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology. I don't want a masters in engineering technology, and since I've found that I'm enjoying the statistics related courses the most, I'm considering switching to either industrial engineering or applied statistics.

    I'm posting this question here because I want opinions on how to go about approaching people about this. I'll need to talk to the IE or statistics department and well as my home department for sure, but I wasn't sure if maybe there was a best way to go about bringing it up, or if they would care either way. I guess my concern is for my home department to think I wasn't serious about being there, or if my potential new department would be concerned with me switching again if they took me on. I know only they can answer for sure, just hoping to get some opinions.
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    "A rose by any other ...." NBS turned into NIST thirty years ago ... lost name recognition, gained syllable count, other wise pretty much business as usual ... a stage in the maturation of bureaucracies.
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    Are the course requirements also changing, or is it only the name?
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    The course requirements aren't, but engineering technology carries a stigma with it regarding a lack of academic rigor. At my school it's ABET accredited but it sometimes doesn't change the perception.

    Also, I find myself gravitating towards the statistics courses in my program, and I'm considering switching to industrial engineering or applied statistics. I'm just not sure how common it is to switch masters programs. It wouldn't be a completely unrelated switch though, just to something more focused on the part of my current program that I've found an interest in.
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    I agree. Engineering Technology says "dumbed down" to a lot of people. Your concern is valid.

    I steer most students I mentor away from engineering technology degrees.
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