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Masters programs in physics

  1. Mar 16, 2013 #1
    I am interested in getting a Masters in Physics at a US graduate school. I always thought that getting a Masters was an incidental event on the way to getting a Ph.D., but apparently it is possible to just go for the Masters. Does anyone know anything about this? Are there lists of schools that offer Masters programs? Do Masters candidates still receive funding, and is it easy to then carry on to go for a Ph.D.?

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    I mentioned this before but in the US a physics masters is considered a "consolation prize" for people who choose not to or are unable to continue on to a Ph.D. This may be unfair but it is generally true. If you go into grad school with the declared intent to leave with a Masters I would be very surprised if you got funding. If you go for an Engineering Masters you may get funding.
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    High-school teachers generally get a higher salary if they have a master's degree, so they sometimes go to grad school for a master's after teaching for a few years.
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