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Masters without Research Experience?

  1. Jan 14, 2013 #1
    So I've read a lot about how it's very difficult to get into graduate school without research experience. By graduate school, do they mean for PhD or Masters as well? By the way, I am in Electrical Engineering.

    Now I never did research during my summers because I did summer jobs with companies since I believed I will want to enter the industry when I graduate. I still think I still want to enter the industry after graduation.

    However, i fear I may want to go back to get a M.Sc. after I work a bit if I found some parts of my discipline very interesting. Would I be burning bridges if I did absolutely no research during my undergrad? Could I still get in M.Sc. from good universities such as the University of Toronto? If for some reason after my Masters, I want to do a PhD, the research from my M.Sc. would definitely weigh over anything I did in undergrad right?

    Thanks for your answers guys. I hope they are not too stupid because I never really ventured into thinking about these academia side of things before.
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