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MAT137Y1 or MAT157Y1?

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    Which math course should I take? The 137 is easier than 157 because it is more focused on calculation than theory, but I may get a physics specialist and MAT157Y1 is recommended to have. However, I want to keep the door open to medical school and one of the courses that I want to take conflicts with mathematics 157 through the week. I think MAT157Y1 will be more beneficial but it will close that door I want open. :( The course information is found below:

    MAT137Y1 Calculus!
    A conceptual approach for students with a serious interest in mathematics. Geometric and physical intuition and emphasized but some attention is also given to the theoretical foundations of calculus. Materials covers first a review of trigonometric functions followed by discussions of trigonometric identities. The basic concepts of calculus: theorems, the integral, the fundamental theorem, elementary transcendental functions, Taylor's theorem, sequence and series, uniform convergence and power series.

    MAT157Y1 Analysis I
    A theoretical course in calculus; emphasizing proofs and techniques, as well as geometric and physical understanding. Trigonometric identities. Limits and value theorems. Derivatives, mean value and inverse functions theorems. Integrals; fundamental theorems; elementary transcendental functions. Taylor's theorem; sequences and series; uniform convergence and power series.

    Also, 137 is three hours a week with one hour tutorial, and 157 is 5 hours a week including a 1-2 hour tutorial session.
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    Shouldn't you be discussing this with your academic advisor?

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    157 is the hardest, so take that one.
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