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Matched filter in radar

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    can anyone please explain me matched filter in detail ?
    my understanding is as follows ( in case of a radar).
    u transmit a signal and during reception have a filter in ur receiver which continously checks in the received echoes whether the echo has the same shape of the transmitted pulse.
    is it the same purpose of matched filter ?
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    The point of a matched filter is usually to ensure that the noise admitted into a system is minimal whilst also keeping the inter symbol interference (or, I suppose, 'resolving power', for radar) optimal.
    You want the best overall sig to noise ratio and the best resolution (lowest distortion) and sharing the filtering 'equally' between transmit and receive is often reckoned to be the best way.

    Or, putting it another way: If you have all your pulse shaping at the transmitter then the receiver has to admit too much noise and if you have it all at the receiver, the transmitter will be transmitting more power than necessary.
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