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Homework Help: Material balance question

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    A paint mixture containing 25.0% pigment and the balance water sells for $18.00/kg, and a mixture containing 12.0% pigment sells for $10.00/kg. If a paint retailer produces a blend containing 17.0% pigment, for how much ($/kg) should it be sold to yield a 10% profit?

    Am I wrong, or are they lacking information (i.e. cost of production, etc.)
    this is driving me nuts... :confused:
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    I would say yes you are missing some information. How much profit is made on the 25% and 12% mixtures comes to mind and as you said production costs... You can make some assumptions like the 25% and 12% mixtures are sold at 10% profit or the like.

    Well, good luck.
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    i assumed that the 25% and 12% mixtures were sold at cost, so i used
    .25x + .75y = 18
    .12x + .88y = 10

    solved for x and y, then substituted into .17x + .83y = z
    found z, multiplied by 1.1

    hopefully thats what they're looking for
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    "Interactive math program"?
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