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Material Cost

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    I have been looking and searching for a place to find the costs for
    1) Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Mild Steel: AISI 1010 Steel
    2) Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) Mild Steel: AISI 1026 Steel
    3) Chrome-Molybdenum (Chromoly) Steel: AISI 4130 Steel
    4) Titanium: 38-644 UNS R58640 Titanium Alloy; other names- AMS 4957 and 4958, MIL-T-9046 and 9047, MIL-F-83142

    I found 2 sites but they were subscription based so i couldn't login to check.

    I also ringed a couple of companies but some how they always think i am trying to steel (lol) their info and don't give me an answer.
    This is for my final year project, i would really really appreciate any links for sites with costs to figure this out..

    Thanks a million
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    Are you looking for specific shapes? That will determine a lot about the answer.
    Most large suppliers do RFQs for each and every order and are not gonna want to waste their time when you don't have an account.
    It's unlikely they have everything you want, but you might get close.
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    There are local suppliers all over the country that can give you quotes for exactly what you need. You just have to locate some in your local area. I talk to suppliers, on average, every other day getting quotes of this kind for materials I need.

    I use Metal Express all the time. If they don't carry it, they'll know where to get it.
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    Appreciate you time and help :)
    Well shapes are mostly tube like.
    Yeah it seems they were not interested in my questions about costs :(
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    I tried suppliers but they couldn't help. It wasn't only me who tried, so did the guy in charge of my project who works in a casting company (Should know suppliers!).
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    No. Listen to Fred. I got a quote off Metal Express not twenty minutes ago. I did not sign in. It's online.
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