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Material for rib pad

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    I broke my rib a few years ago. It healed in a way that it sticks out a little past the end of my rib-cage. I want to learn to surf, but it is uncomfortable to lay on my stomach on the board because of the rib. I would like to make a pad to relieve pressure on the rib that sticks out.

    I think a moldable material would give the best fit. It needs to be tough, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion by salt. I am imagining some sort of rubber.

    I plan to tape or glue this pad to my ribs. A quick internet search found that actors use a variety of glues for glueing things like elf-ears and mustaches to themselves.

    What are some options for a material that would make a good pad for my ribs? It cannot be too soft, because it won't provide enough support, but it also cannot be too hard.

    First time poster. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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    That's an interesting and unique equation.

    I don't have a material suggestion. But if the board was molded to your body, it might be difficult to position your body to exactly the right place. I would wear the molded pad like clothing and use a standard board.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Are you talking about making a pad that you attach to the surfboard, or one that you wear?

    Also, how cold is the water where you are learning? The ocean in Northern California is cold enough that surfers wear thin wetsuits, but in Hawaii, those are not needed... :smile:
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    I plan to attach the pad to myself. I think a slippery coating on top of the pad would let it slide inside the wetsuit.

    I am in the pacific northwest, and the water is about 50 degrees. I wore a 5/4/3 wetsuit, but it did not provide enough padding. My rib was quite sore after a session of a few hours.
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    How about affixing a foam ring inside the wetsuit that goes around the rib? That would protect it, and spread out the contact area so hopefully it's comfortable to lay on. Kind of like we do when dressing blisters with moleskin...


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    Some kind of felt, I think. Here's the whole YouTube video...

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    A ring of several layers of closed cell foam seems good. Yoga mats are a readily available source of the stuff.
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