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Material Indices

  1. Jul 16, 2010 #1
    I'm currently doing a project in my materials class and I wanted to check if these two material indices were right. The objectives are:
    1. The material must not fracture
    2. The material must be strong (no deformations)

    Material Index 1
    Considering a yield-before-break scenario
    Material Index = [tex]\frac{K_{1c}}{\sigma_{y}}[/tex]
    where K1c is the fracture toughness and sigma y is the yield strength

    And for the plot would I put [tex]{K_{1c}}[/tex] on the y-axis [tex]{\sigma_{y}}[/tex] on the x axis, and pick the material near the upper right corner?

    Material Index 2
    I want a really strong material that doesn't deform easily so is the material index this:

    Material Index = [tex]E{\sigma_{y}[/tex]

    Here E is Young's Modulus and Sigma y is the yield strength. Also, how would you plot this?
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