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Material Properties

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    i need some information regarding following subject.

    Calculating mechanical properties of certain material(solid , Liquid, Plasma) form Hooke's Law of elasticity. :yuck:

    σ = E¹ε + E²ε˙ + E³ε¨

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    Are you sure you want this info for fluids rather than solids ?
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    as i metioned i want the info for solid ,liquid , plasma
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    Are you looking for the data (values) of the properties for specific materials, or the formulas, or both?

    Hooke's law simply relates the stress in a material to the elastic strain. In solids, that applies in tension and compression, up the the point where the material yields, i.e. starts to undergo permanent (plastic deformation), at which point Hooke's law does not apply if load continues to increase.

    In fluids and gases, elasticity applies under compression and really refers to compressibility.

    The relationship between shear and normal pressure/forces in fluids and gases is different than in solids.

    Are you trying to develop constitutive models?
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    Astronuc thanks for your reply.

    well i am looking for both values and the formulas. my university porf. have assigned me this research so i should write an article about it.
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    Look at the following documents for some information on solid mechanics.


    DOE Fundamentals Handbook, Material Science, Volume 1 of 2 (102 pages)

    The DOE handbook collection is found at:


    Look in the library for books on Fluid Mechanics, and also online -



    For Plasmas, you'll need to find a text on Fusion Engineering or Plasma Physics. Two authors who come to mind are Robert A. Gross, who's book "Fusion Engineering," has a chapter (5) on Tokamak Confinement Physics, and a book by George Miley, "Fusion Energy Conversion".
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