Material Satisfaction

  1. Sometimes, I am longing for something, like a Video Camcorder. After having it, I feel the joy for a short while only, followed by an un-named emptiness. Why ?
    What can really make me happy forever?o:)
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  3. tried suicide?
  4. i can make you happy baby, just gimme some whipped cream, a blindfold and a new calculator.
  5. Kick your ass will be good?:biggrin:
  6. you asked for forever. kicking my ass only satisfies for a couple of hours.
  7. Then I will keep on kicking till eternity. :lol:
  8. try it and it'll feel like an eternity, I guarantee it
  9. JasonRox

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    By leading the virtuous life described by Aristotle.
  10. well, you could start by trying to capture all those moments you find meaningful with that video camera. Maybe after a while, sequences will roll through your head, and you'll know what music to put over it, or if it should just be dialog or silence, and your previous accomplishments will vector you towards new endevours ad infinitum... all with a measly little video camera...
  11. honestrosewater

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    Don't worry, Sprinter, a tribdog guarantee isn't worth the paper it's scribbled in crayon on.

    I like JasonRox's answer.
  12. Astronuc

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    Most satisfaction from obtaining material things is transient.

    I agree with JasonRox, but would add that others (various philosophical and religious authors) have mentioned leading a virtuous life.

    Perhaps one can read "To Have and To Be" by Erich Fromm.

    Otherwise, refrain from attachment to material things and develop oneself spiritually.

    However, in the end, one must determine one's own happiness.
  13. JasonRox

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    That's true. There are plenty of other philosophical ways to lead a virtuous life. I'm only familiar with Aristotle's version, and to me, it made a lot of sense.

    I'm sure the others make sense too. The idea is to just be genuinely good in my opinion.
  14. As far as to my liking. I'm all good with leading a virtuous life and all, but even that can miss something. Consider always being concerned with doing the right thing... That may not lead to true happiness. Consider Aristotle at a frat party or something... he would calm everyone down and influence people to not be crazy and have fun, and instead the party would turn into a discussion about right and wrong... Not that that is boring, but don't you sometimes want to mix things up a bit?
  15. Astronuc

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    Agree! :cool: :smile:
  16. I think Dalai lama has got the right idea. No book has changed my life more than The art of happiness. Happiness exist within your mind, to reach real happiness you need to train that mind. Make happiness into a habit.

    You will be happy forever when you are satisfied with yourself, help other as much as you can, do what feels right and always always maintain a positive attitude. Most grief we drag down upon ourself through our mindset/attitude.

    ”if you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying. If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying.” - (suposed to be said by) Gautama Buddha
  17. honestrosewater

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    Why would he want to convince them not to have fun? I think he would try to help them find a healthy balance, which for me includes having fun. He was a Greek too, after all! :tongue2:
  18. Astronuc

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    I essentially agree. I am not so much satisfied with who I am, but I accept myself, and I always see room for improvement.

    "Don't worry. Be Happy." :biggrin: by Bobby McFerrin :smile:
  19. JasonRox

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    Yeah, you're right.

    Aristotle would not calm people down. He'd probably enjoy himself.

    Jonny you got it all wrong. Leading a virtuous life does not mean that you comtemplate about what's right or wrong all day. All you need to do is think rationally before you act. That's all you need to do. Well, you must also act too.

    If you think Aristotle's views are silly when it comes to happiness, you have a lot to learn. Maybe you should try applying them as much as you can for the next 3 months or so, then see how you feel about yourself later. Trust me, you just get happier about things.

    Note: I'm assuming you know how to act according to Aristotle. It's not as easy as it looks, but practice is what it takes.

  20. I'm just throwing seeds. Seems to me there is no one size fits all solution. I'm just trying to throw in some reasonable doubt. I'm saying that maybe one person's perspective is different than another person's perspective.
  21. Exactly :) no one is perfect. When people learn to accept that they will live much happier lifes.

    Good quote:approve:
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