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Material Stock Question

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    I been looking all over for a aluminum or steel tube that is at least 18 in long

    The ID of the tube will be anywhere from 8-12 inch with a 1/4+ wall thickness.

    I been looking all over the place and cant seem to find this. I have asked the metal shop guys and they are not sure since they are new to the place. The experience shop guy went on vacation.

    Can you please point me in the right direction?


    Thank you
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    18 inches is nothing when it comes to buying tube lengths. Usually we have to buy 20 ft lengths.

    With an OD in that range, you will have better luck looking at pipe. For example, an 8" nominal pipe size, schedule 20, results in an OD of 8.625 with a .25" wall. Call a local pipe rep and ask them if they have any spare drops lying around that they would be willing to get rid of. It would stink to have to buy a 20 ft. stick when you need only 18 inches.
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    Try http://www.mcmaster.com/". Specifically, item #7750K203 is three feet of 8" ID pipe for about $350. I'm sure they can also do custom sizes. But FredGarvin is right, a local place will save you on shipping at least and might be able to sell you scrap for cheap.
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    Total agreement with Fred on this. Off-cuts from a local shop are probably the best way to get what you want. If the one that you mentioned is the only one available to you, then you might just have to bite the bullet and order out in more quantity than you want.
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