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Material toughness,static vs impact

  1. Jul 31, 2010 #1
    let me explain i do a static tensile test and get the stress strain graph. the area under the
    graph is the toughness that means i can use this static toughness data to predict
    the failure under impact loads

    other idea is that i have done a impact toughess test.

    if i can get the toughness value from a static stress strain graph why should i
    again do a impact toughness test
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    Is this coursework and have you been told to do both tests and explain why?

    What impact tests are you considering ( Charpy?, Izod?, other?) and what is the difference between the specimens for tthe tensile and impact test?
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    this is not coursework. i drop an object from a height. that means it is a high strain rate
    problem. can i use a static stress strain diagram and calculate the area under the curve

    can i compare the strain energy of the impact and compare it with the area under
    the static stress strain diagram
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