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Physics Materials science and physics

  1. Dec 5, 2009 #1
    Hi all,
    it is interesting to compare materials scientist and physicist..
    what you guys think of them..like essential qualities and abilities in researching in their fields. How do materials scientist and physicist shine in their work..which is interesting and challenging..
    i hope i will get some information from all
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    These days there can be little distinction between a materials scientist and physicists, especially where they converge on condensed matter physics. There's a trend to take material science to the atomistic level, which is basically a blend of quantum physics and applied physics. Perhaps an appropriate consideration is to compare a material scientist to an applied physicist (or quantum mechanic).
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    I just need to know...who am i?
    Bachelors in Mech. engg. and then a masters in materials science and engg (course thought by phys. prof.). Now phd in physicalchem. more related to spectroscopies or with more physics..
    thanks for moving this discussions..hope to find more replies from other experts..
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