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Materials Science & Engineering

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    MSE 209 Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia


    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Atomic Structure and Bonding
    Chapter 3. Structure of Crystals
    Chapter 4. Imperfections
    Chapter 5. Diffusion
    Chapter 6. Mechanical Properties of Metals
    Chapter 7. Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms
    Chapter 8. Failure
    Chapter 9. Phase Diagrams
    Chapter 10: Phase Transformations in Metals
    Chapter 11. Thermal Processing of Metal Alloys
    Chapter 13. Ceramics - Structures and Properties
    Chapter 14. Ceramics - Applications and Processing
    Chapter 15. Polymer Structures
    Chapter 16. Polymers. Characteristics, Applications and Processing
    Chapter 17. Composites
    Chapter 19. Electrical Properties
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