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Materials Science Papers

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    Hey I was just wondering, is there any grand database of all papers published in the materials science industry. I have found some effects which seem unique to my current knowledge of the literature (the some 100 or so relevant papers I have looked at). Do I just have to google into infinity to find out whether or not someone has found this before, and buy the papers that I might think contain relevant information? Is that how it works? How do people go about this sort of thing?

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    I suppose that depends on the topic - whether its broad or relatively narrow.

    What type of papers?

    I belong to several technical socities, of which several ASM International, TMS and ASTM are primarily devoted to materials, their production, and their use. I also use particularly journals, e.g. Journal of Nuclear Materials, which is published by Elsevier and available from Science Direct, Elsevier's on-line catalog.

    Here is Elsevier's list of Materials Science journals

    Acta Materialia and Acta Metallurgica are the two major materials journals, and I believe that the latter has been incorporated into the former.

    Most of the time, I know the specific articles I need, or I contact the author(s), many of whom I know.

    If I am knew to a particular subject, I try to identify two or so key papers, and then read the refences/bibliography to find additional papers.
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    Thanks Astronauc, I appreciate that.

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    If you have particular topics in mind, please share them hear. If one has a specific topic in mind, try to identify two or three key authors and read their current papers. Then look at the references to see what other key papers are being referenced - and one can digress from there.

    More than 20 years ago, I had to try to dig up a lot of obscure papers on refractory alloys. At the time, I found a few then current papers, which then let me to older papers - then 30-40 years old (now 50-60 years old).

    One useful journal was Journal of the Less Common Metals ( :rolleyes: ) which is now continued as [urlhttp://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=PublicationURL&_cdi=5575&_pubType=J&_auth=y&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=1623130&md5=a25963e4ed52dcbd936e51b8bf2e3e82]Journal of Alloys and Compounds[/url].

    With the internet, it's much easier these days to find information - but one still has to expend effort.

    Springer is another big publisher of journals, including many on Materials.

    If one is interested in materials - ASM International (www.asminternational.org[/url]) and TMS ([url]www.tms.org[/url]) are two good societies to which to belong. A third one, Materials Research Society (MRS - [url]www.mrs.org[/url]) is also a good society. Then there are the American Physical Society and their group on Condensed Matter physics - [url]www.aps.org[/url] - (Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physiscs) - [url]http://prb.aps.org/[/URL]
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