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Materials used for car frames

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    Greetings and happy new year to all members in here.

    This is my first post in the physics forum.

    Does anyone know what sort of materials are commonly used to make the steelframes of car? I am guessing it's some form of steel, but which? And why the choice?

    For illustration, the link below is the steelframe of cars that i'm talking about.

    http://dubfoto.com/albums/userpics/10003/Steel_Frame.jpg [Broken]

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    Nissan uses a lot of this:

    http://www.ussteel.com/corp/sheet/coated/coatneal.htm [Broken]

    Also aluminum in the hood and decklid (trunk lid) 6061 T-something

    I have heard but I forget. Sorry.
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    Try asking a company called Elmdon Metals www.elmdonmetals.co.uk[/URL] as they are specialist suppliers of materials to the world of motorsports and they supply many materials for rol cages and space frames.
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