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Math 360 Fundamentals of Mathematics

  1. Jul 6, 2011 #1
    Math 360 "Fundamentals of Mathematics"

    I wasn't able to get into my astronomy course I need, so I instead registered for this course, Math 360. It is not required for physics majors but it is required for math majors, and I may double major.

    It's only prerequisite is Calculus I, which I am currently taking over the summer.

    I can see that it itself is a prereqisite for linear algebra, number theory as the sole prerequisite, and as one of the prerequisites for "Advanced Calculus I, II"

    The description given is:
    Logic, relations, functions, classification of infinite sets, cardinal numbers. Reading and writing proofs. Prereq: MATH 250 or MATH 270 with a grade of “C”

    Has anyone taken a similar course? Will it be useful for me? Will it be difficult for someone fresh out of calculus I?
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